Naveen Lakkur, an entrepreneur, an enabler, and an energizer. “Converting Creative Concepts into Commerce with Compassion” is a one-line intro of Naveen Lakkur. With over 20 years of professional experience spread worldwide, he has been instrumental in fostering over 24 concepts to have become commercial realities globally.

He believes and strives to “Love All; Serve All”

Naveen Lakkur co-founded Compassites and he has been involved in enabling several innovative & unique startups including iCharts Inc., JiffleNow, Suggestica Inc., i3 Solutions, Values Centered Innovation Enablement ServicesHomeConnect.in – a convenience portal is an eCommerce solution, is the latest venture for Naveen Lakkur in the quest of nurturing business innovation.He is an active public speaker, spanning such subjects as Innovation, Self Development, IT as an Enabler, and Entrepreneurship. He writes about start-ups and leadership. His latest book ‘Inseparable Twins’ has been quoted as “labor of love” to inspire innovation & enable entrepreneurs in young minds. He is very passionate about fostering Social Entrepreneurs and actively participates in social projects with the objective of making life a wonderful one to live.


Today I am an Innovator, an Entrepreneur, a Business Coach, a Technocrat, and a Solution Architect. A career chiseled with milestones, accredited to numerous start-ups & manifested in many roles. In all, it was the passion that pushed me further – steering ahead and surging forward, and which continues to do so. There still lies a lot of quest for more conquest.

When I jump-start to office straight from touchdown, the jetlag notwithstanding, it was not for people to notice or make a point to my peers, rather my passion to slog precedes, propelling me to work.

Whilst the business thoughts trickle and trail to personal ones, I realize that the thread to business acumen was first picked up from a shop floor. The basics in business didn’t begin in a school, rather a shop. Being the youngest in the family, my father without any reluctance inducted me into the workforce while I was still trotting in the kinder-garden to lend a helping hand. I treaded on a training that will become my lifeline.

It’s very hard to fathom the same father whom I would have cursed to deprive my playing hours that I heap praises today though he refused to hear any of it by departing long before. Yet what he taught and what I learnt can never draw a parallel. It was in the grocery shop he owned I found myself recommending the best of rice variety to a list of customers that was ever-growing by comprehending the customer’s need. As an after-thought, I realize that I was Selling Solutions. Something none teaches is ‘asking and knowing what customer wants’ – The best lesson in business was learnt!

Like a painter busy with colors, I would have dabbed myself in sales, marketing, software development, testing…. a little bit of everything, thus leveraging my strength in each line and built on it. If I know little, I start applying in multiple ways. And I believe that’s how innovation comes to the forefront.

When I questioned myself, what sets me apart? I hear my mentor saying to me – “survival instincts is your differentiator”

The survivor……

Life itself is a challenge – the compelling constraints that confronted me, the trying times that severely tested my very sanity, but once I surpassed the hurdles, it was like having ‘seen the worst’ that what was to come looked ‘ordinary’. There weren’t nothing much to dazzle during the adolescence – academically I was averaging first class and so to speak went largely unnoticed. For everyone there comes a moment of glory – mine came and shone brighter than anyone during the grueling grind in Indian Air Force selection process for Pilot Officer. Out of 170 only 2 selected – I stood the topper. When I cleared the check and balance erupted by IAF in the forms of stringent tests ranging from aptitude to attitude to leadership, I realized the capacity and capability to come out a winner. The instinct to hang in there and survive somehow and succeed. More than anyone, it was a self-discovery that would instill a self-belief that I set higher standards for myself to achieve and exceed. The survivor. The winner.

“Tough times never last but tough people do.”

I had my own company doing good business with fair amount of success. I was a distributor for a leading computer manufacturing company. The sales soared and success was bountiful. Then disaster struck – the manufacturing company fell on hard times and crumbled. The business collapsed and the impact proved more disastrous to the ones doing well. Many distributors buckled but I stood my feet and weathered the storm. I refused to flee but decided to face the odds and obstacles. “Tough times never last but tough people do.” I still went on to answer all the calls of my customers, addressing grievances aimed at redressal. In the calamity, rose the opportunity to mend fences and build bridges. This event charged my life to take up further challenges head-on. The survivor. The winner.

”Problems do come to heroes so that they can overcome”

I met with an accident, losing eyesight in both of my eyes. Multiple surgeries were performed. That was the difficult period – the darkest phase of my life. Literally. Everyone wrote me off and I almost gave up. Almost. To lead a personal life was not be, leave alone professional. ”Problems do come to heroes so that they can overcome” – a quote that inspired me tremendously. There was a will within to win, to come out unscathed. I came out as a ‘Complete Man’ with a new vision. Some of my personal achievements were after the accident. Life has taught me more than I can learn in other ways or otherwise. That was when I realized the value of relationship – my investment in people made the difference and made things work. The survivor. The winner.

There has been many occasions that people have asked me, what’s your Strength?

“Engagements may be shorts, but relationships are not”. A quote I love to quote often. In my 20+ years of professional career I have not known to lose one customer though business engagement might have ceased to exist. Nevertheless, they are still my customers. We need to ensure that they get value for their money. It helped in building relationships. Relationship back then wasn’t a conscientious attempt, today every relationship needs to run its own course, exist on its merits and sustain on its strength, but what still works is the one without any expectation.

Relationship Management, the trust I build is my biggest strength. To me, once a relationship is built, it’s for life.

“Not all ideas have business in it!” This is not just a quote that I have created; it’s now my profession. Ideas might be cool or ideas may be great, some say its available dime a dozen. Ability to see a business in an idea is the other core strength that I have built over a period of time. Continual practice over two decades has helped foster close to 29 ideas to have become commercial realities. Disciplined approach towards new learning and application of knowledge coupled with the experience of triumphs and the trips has enabled in creating intellectual properties such as ‘Rose Model’.

“Every second in life is an innovation, because it never existed before”is the first quote ever that’s formally created by me. True to its sprit, I feel it’s an opportunity that life has given me and I need to live that fully and powerfully. Being part of ‘Meaningful Innovation’ is one way to live an empowered life that I am living and hope to know for it. Thanks to my parents who named me ‘Naveen’, in Sanskrit language it means ‘New’.

The sense of achievement is not what I got from life itself, it’s about what I give back. Like what Tata said- ‘the cycle is completed.’

[In J R D Tata’s words, " The cycle is thus complete; what came from the people has gone back to the people many times over.”]

And by giving I wish to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Supporting the under-privileged children in education
  • Feed the old and destitute
  • Support the visually Challenged

What’s started on a small platform looks proven while the future endeavor looks promising. I earnestly wish to pass this message as a prayer so that others can be touched to catch-up and contribute. The exercise ought to become contagious. So do I wish and so be it!

Speaking. It started as an interest and snowballed over the years into a roaring passion. The best thing that can happen is your passion turning out to be a profession.

Coaching and Mentoring. To me it means to impart what I have learnt and in the process enrich my own education. Learning is a never ending process and to think otherwise will result in saturation.

Sports. An essential part of me and particularly basket ball always runs high on my adrenalin. Basketball – a game for the agile and ambitious associated with energy and enthusiasm. A sport of strength and strategy. I relished representing my college and though height was to my disadvantage I made up with speed. It was in this sport that I learnt to negotiate the twist and turns of uncertainty, manipulate the next move, and maneuver my way out and decisions to deploy. It made me believe one man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team for talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Looking back I see shades of that same sport spearheading me in other avenues of life particularly business.

Being with people. My strength lies in Relationship Building and I attach great importance to every relation created and built thus far in my walk of life. And I always aspire to adding value to the association.

Music. Music at times can prove to be the best medicine. It’s more than a therapy and I enjoy all kinds of music. Lately started listening to spiritual talks, which is turning out to be music to heart.

Reading Books. I read mostly personality building, spirituality and business related books. Reading provokes thinking and with the natural orientation of action, it’s become source for initiating innovation.

Ganesha Idols. Lord Ganesha, the king of gods – just his form and his significance inspire me. Collections of Ganesha idols started 19 years back as a common interest of my wife and mine. While the count of the collection is growing, each idol still remains unique amongst the collection. Different forms, different sizes, different materials from different locations are splendid examples of creativity & innovation.

Bachelor of Engineering, (B.E.,) Electronics Branch from Bangalore University, India
IP Creation and IP Protection, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India
Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute, USA
Certification on Insurance 2-0-1, insurance functional awareness
Certified Internal Auditor

Inner Engineering, – Isha Foundation
Scuba Diving Certification

The most pertinent question posed at any professional is “what are you good at?”. My reply is simple: “Converting Creative Concepts into Commerce with Compassion”.

My passion is ‘Building Organizations’.
And next comes the Core-Competency. A compulsive workaholic, my core competencies lie in stretching the limits by challenging the self, time and again. Over time, I would have donned several roles and worn many hats. Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Program Manager, Head Technology Delivery, Vice-President, CEO and now on the board of the companies advising to build organizations.

Over 20+ years in Information Technology field, in the areas of Software Development (Application Development Transactional Systems, MIS, EIS, etc.,) in India, USA, Malaysia & Middle-East and Techno-Commercial activities in India, Germany, Kuwait, Dubai, Canada, and USA.

Worked in the domains of Insurance (Completed Insurance 2-0-1 certification exam, insurance functional awareness exam); Supply Chain Management – Executed projects on Selling Chain; Customer Relationship Management; Manufacturing; Sales Force Automation; Back Office Automation. Innovation Enablement, Product Innovation, Process Innovation and Business Model Innovation are the horizontal skills and abilities nurtured over time.

Career Graph

Compassites Software Solutions Pvt., Ltd.,
Co-founder & Board Member

Compassites Software Solutions Pvt., Ltd.,
President & CEO

Karna Global Technologies, Inc.
VP – Global Strategic Initiatives

Wipro Technologies
Program Manager

Digital Globalsoft Ltd., (merged with Hewlett Packard)
Business Analyst

Questech India Ltd.,
Directly Responsible Individual

C-Design Systems,
Head Technology Delivery

Daya Information Management Services Sdn., Bhd., Malaysia
Software Engineer

V V Ranganathan

Mr. Ranganathan a professional accountant with over thirty years of experience in India and overseas, he was until recently, a senior partner and on the supervisory board of one of the big 4 global professional services firms in India. He served the firm in India for about 10 years in various capacities. During these 10 years, Ranga closely participated in the manifold growth of the Firm. His own portfolio of clients included some of the very large and prestigious Fortune 500 companies.

Ranga has contributed significantly to the study and research on the subject of entrepreneurship. He has published extensively on the subject.of entrepreneurship and contributes thought provoking editorials for independent directors. He is also on the board of some prestigious foundations and advises social entrepreneurs and select non-profits. His Ten Rules for Independent Directors is often used as a guide by the director’s community.

Personal Website: www.vvranganathan.com

Murali Vullaganti

Mr. Murali, is a technology professional and is also the Chief Architect, Co-Founder and CEO of Rural Shores, a technology enabled business enterprise that assimilates rural India into the knowledge economy.

Rural Shores has won many awards for being innovative and at the recent Edison Awards ceremony in New York, the citation said “It’s exciting to see companies like RuralShores continuing Thomas Edison’s legacy of challenging conventional thinking”.

Rajesh Setty

Rajesh is an entrepreneur and a business alchemist. His mission in life is to help bring new ideas to life, with love. His core belief is that while good ideas matter, the magic really is in amplifying them. Raj has co-founded a number of technology companies and a publishing company over the last few years.

He consults and speaks on the topic of leverage, the secret ingredient that will bring an unfair competitive advantage for any company. You can check out the companies that Raj has been involved with here. You can follow him on his blog here or on Twitter at @RajSetty

YL RajaShekar

Dr. Y.L. Rajashekar is a renowned ophthalmic surgeon and a top-ranking postgraduate (MD) of the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and the founder and medical director of Shekar Netralaya.

He has been serving in the field of Ophthalmology for over one decade and has performed over 20,000 eye operations. Dr. Rajashekar possesses sterling credentials in his profession. He has presented technical papers and demonstrated new microsurgical and laser procedures on various ophthalmic forums. He has also authored several text books of ophthalmology for medical courses. Being a passionate educator, he has given a number of presentations in ocular care for the medical community, in addition to popular TV, radio and on-stage programmes for the mass audience. He has conducted many eye camps and eye education programmes.